The Ultimate Outdoor BBQ Experience

If you are looking for the “Ultimate Outdoor BBQ Experience”, you have found it.

Norma Gean’s BBQ- Station caters to just about any type of party or function and when we pack up and leave we promise to leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

Let Us Cater Your Event – Contact Bill (Burgie) Burgemaster: 661-343-2707   email


Our Story

Burgie had always loved to BBQ and Norma Gean was determined to make some seasoning and rub that would capture the taste buds of every tongue it touched. She developed the seasoning and rubs from recipes she had gotten from relatives from her home State of Oklahoma.

The rest is history as Norma Gean has mastered her skills along with Burgie’s BBQ techniques, which have become an experience tasted by thousands. For the rest of our story click here…


The BBQ Train

Norma Gean’s husband was in the Petroleum Transportation industry when his Brother-n-law introduced him to a gentleman by the name of John Beard. John had built a BBQ Train for Country Western Star Buck Owens and showed him a picture of it. Burgie who was very impressed with the BBQ Train decided he would like to have one of those BBQ Trains like “Buck” read the rest of the story here…

BBQ StationOur Menu

Are you ready to get hungry? 

Check out our BBQ menu.

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